Outsource Manufacturing
Project Supervision
Product Sourcing


Aircraft instruments, components and accessories

Artwork, originals, copies and prints

Automobile accessories

Bicycles, and accessories

Boat accesories

Building equipment


Candles, scented and decorative

Ceramics, industrial and decorative

Coffins/Caskets, and fitting and linings

CD / DVD supply and reproduction

Computers, and components and accessories

CNC Laser-cutting, metal and wood

CNC milling

Electronics, industrial and consumer


Furniture and wood products

Hardwood and bamboo flooring

Injection moulded plastics

Investment casting

Jewellery, incl pearls and jade

LED lighting

Musical instruments and accessories



Pet accessories

Porcelain and pottery


Roofing, natural slate and composite tiles

Scooters, electric and petrol

Suspension units


If it's made in China, we can probably get it for you
We have successfully sourced everything from oil tankers to teddy bears

What can you expect?

Lower the cost of your purchasing
Sourcing of reputable manufacturers
Negotiating lower prices for you
Negotiating lead-times that suit you
Negotiating your payment terms
Enforcing your Quality Control specifications
Ensuring Western standards are met
Overseeing loading
Helping with your shipping

We've got the know-how and industry contacts to quickly transform your concept or design into a perfected production-ready prototype.
We give you access to the qualified world-class factories.
We will identify the most suitable factory for your production, and have trustworthy experts personally manage production and QC on your behalf.
We offer you the full resources of a partnership that brings you over 30 years hands-on experience in Chinese industry that will help you avoid the many pitfalls and problems associated with outsourcing your work to China.

If you're in the business of making money, we're in the business of helping you exploit the potential of China.

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Build profits, not factories

Outsource manufacturing makes a lot of sense for a lot of reasons

  • Maybe you've won a big contract, but you don't want to invest in more factory space, equipment and people.
  • Maybe you've got a great idea for a new product but don't know where to start
  • Maybe you want to free up your resources so you can focus on your marketing and R&D

It makes a lot of sense to manufacture your products in China.
Under the right management your manufactured goods can be excellent quality and significant savings to manufacturing the same products yourself in the West.

Outsource manufacturing benefits:

Affordable prototype development
Reduce capital investment
Save on your labour costs
Save on your component supply costs
Save on your utilities costs
Save on your insurance costs
Free up or liquidate your plant & equipment
Free up or liquidate your factory floor space

This allows you to focus your main efforts on marketing and R&D

You already know that outsourcing your Prototyping and Manufacturing to China can reward you with up to 40% savings compared to Western-based operations.

Based in the heart of China's industrial East Coast we offer you easy access to thousands of high quality world-class factories equipped to fulfil your specifications.

Using high quality Chinese manufacturers to produce your products gives your business the creative and financial freedom to concentrate your efforts on building profits, not building factories.