Doing business in China?
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"DUH act like an extension of my own company. Robert is a consummate professional, meticulous in every detail. DUH prices have been very competitive, the quality of the work has been excellent and they have delivered in a timely fashion."
Richard Druz
Richard Druz Music Inc. California USA


"DUH handle every detail; the result is great, the price right and the service impeccable.
I sincerely appreciate Robert's professionalism and can-do attitude in a complex environment. He is an exceptional businessman with unwavering integrity. Had Robert not shown this personal initiative we would have had major problems."

Richard Neill
Rich Brands, LLC & Rich Brands Canada, Inc


"We have been making use of the services that DUH provide for the last 6 years, and have found them to be reliable and professional at all times. DUH has helped our company to save money and has ensured that we receive quality products and service from our suppliers.
They have always been willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we find what we are looking for
Janita Roodt, Ecostrong Bamboo.
South Africa

Whether you just need an expert to make a China-side phone call on your behalf, or full-time representation of your China operations, our business is your business.

We are a highly experienced team of Westerners, working within China since 1980.
We are ideally placed to source, manufacture, and project manage a wide variety of high-spec products.

Working with experienced, trustworthy professionals means that doing business in China becomes a realistic opportunity for you.

We already manage the China-side business for many international clients:

.Negotiating in your best interests
.Dealing with day-to-day problems
.Anticipating potential difficulties
.Plugging your language gap
.Overcoming cultural differences
.Guaranteeing results

Doing business in China is different, and it's too big a risk unless you're working with people you can depend on.

If you don't know the language and don't understand the cultural differences, you're going to encounter major problems, and run a high risk of failure.

If you're in the business of making money, we're in the business of helping you exploit the potential of China.

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Who we are

Barrie Carson
Barrie is without doubt one of the world's top authorities on textiles and fashion manufacture.
Barrie's team offers your business unparalleled experience in the silk and high quality textile industry, apparel, and home accessories.

Barrie is originally from Dallas, Texas, and has been involved in business with China since 1976, originally working out of offices in New York until she moved to the Orient to live in 1980.

Barrie has worked closely within Chinese industry, acting as sourcing agent, quality control monitor and negotiator for many major US fashion brands and well known high-end stores.


Barrie Carson

"I have been doing Hong Kong and China import business with Barrie since 1980.
She is smart, hardworking, caring and totally honest. What more could you want!"

Mark Grebler, CEO
Intentional Resources Ltd. New York USA.

Robert Carson
From Dallas Texas, Robert has lived and worked between Hong Kong and China since 1998.
Having developed many of his technical and negotiating skills working within the US film industry, Robert guarantees that your project will meet the high standards of quality expected in the United States and European Union.

Robert has comprehensive industry experience in mechanical and precision engineering, and case-goods manufacturing. He has over twelve years experience in project planning, product research, prototype testing and manufacturing.
What he brings to your project is his expertise within factory production and logistics management, he is a skilled negotiator, and a ruthless Quality Control manager.

His understanding of the Chinese language and business culture have made Robert's intuition indispensable in assessing the potential quality and integrity of Chinese businessmen

Bob Carson

"Robert is an exceptional businessman with unwavering integrity. Had Robert not shown this personal initiative we would have had major problems. DUH handle every detail; the result is great, the price right and the service impeccable."
Richard Neill
Rich Brands, LLC & Rich Brands Canada, Inc.

Brian Bailie
Brian's design dexterity includes metal engineering, plastics, and wood products, and he brings these talents to bear on new projects often saving our clients time and money during prototype development, and speeding up the process of bringing new products to market.

Northern Irish by birth, and in business since he was 17, Brian has acted as design consultant for commissions that have been profiled on prime-time American and British film and TV industry, other high profile work includes Hospitals, Schools and Resorts around the world.

Brian Bailie

"We used DUH to source and supply our 182 unit and hotel resort in St.Kitts, Caribbean. I highly recommend Brian for his professionalism, fairness and pricing in all their dealings with us."
William Thompson. SVP
Newfound Resorts Ltd. Canada